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Journey to Wholeness - Chapter 6

Are you ready to discover more? I offer the whole course 'Journey to Wholeness' with one to one Counselling Sessions that gives you the whole package! 


Includes Holy Spirit Exploration Sessions and the Investigative Counselling Workbook 'Journey to Wholeness' and
the packed with effective tools to keep you connected with God's kind intention towards you.


10 Sessions of exceptional personal care, teaching and self discovery - giving you better decision making, resilience and influence (and a whole lot of peace while you are doing it!).

These are advance bookings with flexible time sessions. ​I love delivering tailored sessions that give you the space to resolve difficult issues and situations then develop practices, habits and tactics that help you sustain clarity, traction and focus for your life goals.

​Interested? Get in touch I'd love to hear from you and see how we could work together.

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