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I am so grateful for the time we spent together. I am continually being transformed. I live in more peace now than I ever knew possible. I have truly learned to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination!

Susan - Counselling and Holy Spirit Discovery Sessions


I struggled with depression for years. Kim helped me change my perspective on so many areas of pain and confusion. I just 'see' differently now and feel so much better about myself. I now have the self- compassion and tools I needed to move forward with hope."

John - Service Manager Counselling


“I have managed to unravel all the confusion and pain into manageable concepts which I now have the tools to deal with myself”

Julie - Investigative Counselling Sessions


“I used the Holy Spirit Discovery Sessions to intercede for my family and the counselling sessions to process the powerful journey this took me on. Having someone to talk to and process my thoughts has been priceless.”

Richard, Director - Holy Spirit Discovery and Counselling Sessions


"Kim imparts both courage and genuine compassion as she leads each session. I trust her sensitivity to Holy Spirit and can confidently recommend her to anyone needing spiritual direction."

Kathy - Holy Spirit Discovery Session


This is the best investment I've every made for myself. I have found my voice again and feel I want to embrace all that life has knowing I can cope with the different challenges.

Peter, Chartered Accountant - Counselling Sessions

I approached the session with Kim, with an open mind. The result of our conversation was the realisation of some deep-rooted beliefs that were limiting my perception. I came out of the session feeling lighter and more hopeful. As a result of the session, I gained clarity on how to proceed in an assertive and loving way as well as physical relief (cease of sciatica pain). It was a one-off session, but the conversation skillfully guided by Kim, helped me regain the balance and clarity that I needed at that point.

Diana Samulewicz, leadership & career coach.

My life before I had the Holy Spirit Exploration session was a mess. I had suffered a gut-wrenching heartbreak and my spirit was feeling lost and stuck. I felt so disconnected from God. During the session, I experienced one breakthrough after the other, it was life changing. I felt the Lord’s presence more than I have ever felt before in my life. My life has completely changed, I feel more sure of God’s presence in my life and I have never felt such deep love and comfort from drawing closer to Him.

Sharon, IT Consultant

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