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Clarity    Focus   Traction 

Transform your relationship with God, yourself and the world around you

with simple, tangible Investigative Christian Counselling,

Inner Healing programs and Holy Spirit Intervention sessions that have been helping people like you for 20 years.

If you want the Clarity, Focus and Traction in your life that comes from the activation of God's goodness that gives you hope, peace, harmony, fulfillment, emotional intelligence for better decision making, resilience and influence then let's talk.

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WELCOME. I am Kim McKenzie

I have been helping Christians for 20 years activate God's will in their personal and professional lives.


I  provide tailored investigative counselling services, inner healing programs and Holy Spirit Exploration sessions.

Life can be tough, lets face it! As Christians we are taught that God is always there but it’s easy to feel separated from Him when times are tough.

It’s just as easy to feel disconnected when life seems to be going well.
We can feel an emptiness or have a space within that never feels fulfilled.

That's where I come in...
Using proven tools, techniques and innovative diagnostics I help
YOU identify and remove the 'internal barriers' limiting your ability to feel the impact of God's will on your God-given personal agency.


I am so grateful for the time we spent together. I am continually being transformed. I live in more peace now than I ever knew possible. I have truly learned to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination!

Susan,New Mexico

Life can be hard.

Life without a meaningful connection with God is so much harder.

If you...

  • Are struggling to understand God's plan for you?

  • Want better relationships with family, peers, or people around you?

  • Want to hear from God for yourself?

  • Feel overwhelmed with no way forward?

  • Feel anxious and alone or isolated?

  • Have had endless counselling sessions with no real change?

  • Are frustrated and angry with situations you can't change?

  • Are struggling in your marriage?

  • Are looking for God's intercession with your family, business or career?

Then you are in the right place...

Because these are signals.

Powerful pockets of energy and information.

Pointing to inner barriers that have evolved to distort your perspective and connection to God.

 Working together...

We unpack these signals and facilitate your journey to a clear connection with God, the foundation to positive traction in your life, clarity in relationship with yourself, others and the world around you and your ability to focus on God's plan for YOU.

Enabling us to simplify life and take
ownership of who we are, where we are and where we want to be.



  • Clarity in our relationships with God, ourselves and the world around us gives us the power to simplify our lives and manage how we respond and engage

  • Focus helps us stay engaged on the desired goal and keep life uncluttered and uncomplicated.

  • Traction gives us the power to move forward on the road of life despite inevitable resistance

Whatever challenges you are facing God sent the Holy Spirit to help YOU.

I am here to help you connect with God so you can hear what He wants to say to you in your situation

I am so grateful for the time we spent together. I am continually being transformed. I live in more peace now than I ever knew possible. I have truly learned to enjoy the journey instead of focusing on the destination!

Susan, New Mexico

I have found my voice again and feel I want to embrace all that life has knowing I can cope with the different changes.

Peter, Chartered Accountant

I have found my voice again and feel I want to embrace all that life has knowing I can cope with the different changes.

Peter, Chartered Accountant

Activating God's will is not complicated.

With God’s will active in your life you have the authority to face anything life throws your way.

 God already placed within you the ability you need to lead a fulfilling life.

It just takes some knowledge

understanding, and

a bit of courage,

 and determination to uncover them.

How we work together...

20 years experience and accumulated expertise taught me that to achieve the best results with lasting impact involves commitment and a journey to process any transformation.

  • The journey destination and speed are different for everyone

  • It depends on the complexity of our individual situation

  • There is no one size cookie cutter, one size fits all plan or magic elixir

The goal is to find the right approach and speed for you.

Often goals change as you gain clarity, focus and traction and it's important we build space for this.

In our work together I use a combination of unique diagnostics, tools and psychologically sound principals.

Investigative Counselling

Your voice is powerful and it is vital you are able to speak and be heard.

This is a powerful way to connect and be heard in your life.

Holy Spirit Exploration

This is where we invite God to
address the issue or give you
the revelation He wants to give.

This is more than 'inner-healing' it's 'inner-freeing' and where deep activation takes place.

Emotional Intelligence Diagnostic

Framing your emotions so you fully understand the
powerful information they carry and the unconscious thoughts behind them.

Personal Value Assessment

Helping you truly define your personal values and
understanding how they
change and develop with
Our deepest core values determine our direction.

Such as...  

With these tools and others, I help you understand the effective simplicity of God's call on your life and deepen your self-knowledge - your most powerful asset in transformation.

Intrigued? This is how we do it!

Christian Counselling helping people looking for help, healing and Holy Spirit inner healing

Using any combination of my:

  • Investigative Counselling

  • Holy Spirit Exploration Sessions 

  • Extreme Traction Course


Enables me to tailor sessions to your unique situation and

gives us a pathway to powerful communication, intention,

discovery and outcomes. 

Investigative counselling enables us to discover - 

  • How you got where you are.

  • Assess your situation - what's working, what's not, where we want change and why.

  • Discover what goals and outcomes are important to you.

  • Uncover the problems we need to solve to achieve them.

  • Explore the way forward and make a plan to get you there.

  • Put tools, tactics and practices in place to manage your ongoing journey.

With Holy Spirit Exploration we dive right in and let God reveal His perspective giving you revelation and direction.

Additionally I offer an Extreme Traction Course combining both these approaches and all the tools needed to provide a tangible frame for your journey, with week by week material to work on and record your progress. 

Regardless of where we start, we will work out your agenda and develop outcomes important to you.

I keep the process simple and effective every step of the way.

My question to you is...

"Where would you like God to bring His kindness and intentional care and focus in your life today?"

Is it your personal life, career or  business?

The truth is we cannot control, people, places or things but we can be intentional on getting God's perspective and re-framing the problem to solve any situation effectively.

Where do you need God to be alive and active in your life today?

Counselling Options

Discovery Session 

This is a great place to start. We use this investigative counselling session to discover what you need for your journey ahead. 

In this session we will work out your agenda and what are the most important goals for you to achieve in our time together.Then find the tools to get you there.

60 min - Online

Holy Spirit Exploration

This session will give you the clarity you need to address what the Holy Spirit wants to show you right now and the ability to focus on achieving the truth God wants you to walk in.

This is a powerful option if you are also wanting to intercede for a family member, friend, business, or geographical location.

"Exploration is all about going where you have never been before". 

90 min - Online

Extreme Traction


These are discounted advanced bookings with flexible time sessions.


Includes Holy Spirit Exploration Sessions and a Investigative Counselling Workbook Manual packed with effective tools to keep you connected with God's intention towards you.

A tailored course that gives YOU the space to resolve difficult issues and situations then develop practices, habits and tactics that help you sustain clarity, traction and focus.

10 hours - Online

People always regret the time they wasted being unhappy and

unfulfilled… so let's get started!

Are you ready to gift yourself with God's goodness?

God's gift through Holy Spirit inner healing and  healing and Chrsitian Counselling

“I have managed to unravel all the confusion and pain into manageable concepts which I now have the tools to deal with myself”

— Julie, Investigative Counselling Sessions

"Kim imparts both courage and genuine compassion as she leads each session. I trust her sensitivity to Holy Spirit and can confidently recommend her to anyone needing spiritual direction." 

— Kathy, Holy Spirit Discovery Session

“I used the Holy Spirit Discovery Sessions to intercede for my family and the counselling sessions to process the powerful journey this took me on.


Having someone to talk to and process my thoughts has been priceless.”

— Richard, Director 

Holy Spirit Discovery and Counselling Sessions

“I struggled with depression for years. Kim helped me

change my perspective on so many areas of pain and confusion.

I just 'see' differently now and feel so much better about myself. 

 I now have the self- compassion and tools I needed to move forward with hope."

— John, Service Manager

Investigative Counselling

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