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The Psychology of Heaven

 Discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. 

Hebrews 4:12


The development of a robust sense of self is crucial in human growth, allowing individuals to navigate life's complexities with confidence and resilience. However, this sense of self is not immune to erosion, as certain circumstances and experiences can diminish its strength and coherence. 

The construction of a sense of self is an intricate process that unfolds over the course of our lives, shaped by a myriad of experiences and interactions.

At its core, the sense of self represents our understanding of who we are, integrating our thoughts, emotions, memories, and behaviors into a cohesive identity. Yet, despite its apparent stability, the sense of self is vulnerable to various external and internal influences that can compromise its integrity. 

To shed light on the intricate dynamics of identity formation and preservation below are three specific instances where the sense of self can be diminished, highlighting the profound implications for individual well-being and identity formation.

1. Trauma and Dissociation: 

   Traumatic experiences can fracture the sense of self, leading to dissociative states where individuals feel detached from their thoughts, emotions, and memories. In the aftermath of trauma, the cohesive narrative of selfhood may unravel, leaving behind fragmented identities and a profound sense of disconnection. For example, survivors of childhood abuse may struggle to integrate their traumatic memories into their sense of self, leading to profound feelings of alienation and identity confusion. Dissociation serves as a protective mechanism, shielding individuals from overwhelming distress, but it also undermines the coherence of the self, hindering the process of identity integration and self-discovery.

2. Chronic Illness and Disability:

   The onset of chronic illness or disability can profoundly impact an individual's sense of self, challenging deeply held beliefs about identity and autonomy. Suddenly, the body becomes a source of limitation rather than empowerment, disrupting the continuity of selfhood and forcing individuals to renegotiate their relationship with their physical selves. For instance, a once active and independent individual may struggle to reconcile their new reality as a person with a disability, grappling with feelings of inadequacy and loss of identity. Chronic illness can overshadow other aspects of the self, overshadowing achievements, relationships, and aspirations, and leading to a diminished sense of agency and purpose.

3. Social Rejection and Stigmatization:

   Social rejection and stigmatization can erode the sense of self, undermining one's confidence, self-worth, and belongingness. When individuals are subjected to prejudice, discrimination, or ostracism, they internalize negative stereotypes and judgments, internalizing a distorted image of themselves as unworthy or inferior. Social rejection reinforces feelings of alienation and marginalization, exacerbating the erosion of self-esteem and identity coherence.

The development and preservation of a robust sense of self are essential for individual well-being and psychological resilience.

However, this sense of self is not impervious to diminishment, as evidenced by the profound impact of trauma, chronic illness, and social rejection on identity formation and coherence.

By understanding the mechanisms underlying the erosion of the sense of self, we can get a sence of what happend and why we think, feel and react the way we do. Making sense of our fragmented parts helps us begin the journey of reflecting for ourselves what God and others think and believe about us.

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Jennifer Cromer 

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